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Terms & Conditions

Booking / reservation terms:
By confirming your online reservation, you (the customer) agree to enter in to a contract with us (Sermar Transfer Tasimacilik Turizm Ticaret Insaat Ithalat Ihracat Limited Sirketi / Sermar Transfer Transportation Tourism Trade Construction Import Export Limited Company) and agree to the below terms and conditions.
This contract and any matters arising from it are governed by the laws of Turkey and the parties (you and us) agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Turkey.

Data protection:
We are liable for putting in place all proper security measures to protect any personal information you supply about yourself and your party. We are required by law to submit the details of your reservation (starting point / end point, time, date, number of passengers) and passenger name(s) to the Turkish Ministry of Transport and Turkish traffic police via their online system in advance, we will not give any of your personal contact information to any person outside our company.

Confirmation of booking:
After the booking is confirmed on our website, a confirmation (in pdf. file format) will be downloaded automatically to your device for you to double check and print, and a copy will be sent to your email address in case you need to access it again from a different device. It is your responsibility to check that all the details are correct (e.g. flight details, times, dates, hotel details), we do not check that the flight details you have provided us with are correct, we dispatch drivers to match the date and time information that you provide us with at the time of booking unless you contact us to amend the details. It is imperative that we are able to contact you via email or phone in the event that we need to reconfirm the details with you if they were provided incorrectly at the time of booking.

You may email us, call us, or send a SMS / Whatsapp message to advise of the cancellation of your reservation. Cancellation is free, we just ask that you give us sufficient notice to avoid disruption to our operation and to our other customers. Those customers that consistently cancel at the last minute or repeatedly do not show up at the pre-booked date and time and cause disruption to our operation, may have their future bookings refused and directed to alternative transfer providers.

Amendments to your reservation are free of charge e.g. date / time / hotel changes, there will only be a price change / extra charge if there is an amendment to the vehicle type or the destination / resort.

No payment is taken via our website, there is no card payment facility available. Our driver will take full payment for the reservation in cash on arrival at the destination and will issue a receipt to the customer. If a return transfer has been booked, the full payment for both journeys must be paid upon arrival, the driver will issue a receipt and he will re-confirm the departure details at this time. We take full payment for the return journey to guarantee our work and to prevent customers travelling back to the airport with alternative companies or mistakenly with the coach / shuttle bus service included in their package holiday. This also guarantees the booking for our customers and ensures that we pre-book their departure pick-up specifically to their flight time and reserve their required vehicle type.

Accepted currencies:
We are able to accept British Pounds £, Euros €, US Dollars $, and of course Turkish Liras ₺. Please note that when paying in British pound sterling £, we are only able to accept notes issued by the Bank of England, we are not able to accept notes issued in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, or Gibraltar. Although these notes are legal currency throughout the whole United Kingdom, they are not legal currency abroad and unfortunately the banks in Turkey do not accept them.

Additional requests:
Requests are not guaranteed, although we will endeavour to provide the additional service you require, we are unable to guarantee it. Please note that we do not view the requests until the day before your scheduled transfer, if the request is something specific which could affect your transfer service (e.g. bringing own wheelchair, oversize luggage, notes on the address location, additional passengers) these must be sent to us in advance via email or phone to give us adequate time to react to the request.

Customers that do not show up at the pre-booked date / time are then known as a ‘no-show’. As we do not take payment in advance at the time of booking, we wait at the airport in good faith that the customer will show up and approach our staff member holding their name on the sign board outside arrivals. After approximately 1 hour after the flight landing time, we will try to contact the customer via phone to see if our services are still required. If we are unable to reach the customer then we will accept that they are a ‘no show’. If the customer is a ‘no show’ on arrival, and they have booked a return transfer for their departure flight, then this leg of the booking will automatically be cancelled.
No-show on the departure transfer: Refunds will not be given if we arrive for the departure pick-up and find that the customer mistakenly travelled by package holiday coach / shuttle bus service back to the airport for their departure flight, as we will have still provided our contracted pre-booked service and our vehicle will travel back to the airport base empty (in effect we will have performed the transfer without the customer). Similarly if the customer makes a mistake with the departure date or time and we had to perform the transfer empty, then we have again fulfilled our contracted commitment and a new booking must be made for their correct departure details, the payment made in advance only covers the transfer provided for the erroneous date / time as the vehicle must travel back to the airport base regardless. Full payment taken on arrival ensures that we do not lose out on work due to the customer mistakenly travelling with the package holiday bus / shuttle service or from mistakes with flight dates / times, it guarantees our service for the customer will be available, and ensures that we pre-book their departure pick-up specifically for their flight time and reserve their required vehicle type.

Flight delays:
We always check the progress of flights online before our vehicle is dispatched to meet the customer at the airport. We will not charge extra for any changes to your transfer caused by delays to your flights. If the flight is delayed on the return / departure journey, the check-in desks will still close at the original scheduled time, we are unable to alter the transfer any later than the pre-arranged pick-up time as customers may be refused to check-in.

Vehicle type:
Whilst we strive to ensure that the vehicle type dispatched corresponds with the vehicle type booked, there may be occasions where we may have to substitute the vehicle. We will always send an upgrade / larger vehicle (or two vehicles) to ensure that there are sufficient seats for your group. Such unforeseen reasons for a replacement vehicle being dispatched are: vehicle breakdown, flight delays / flight diversions, last minute changes made by the customer, emergency situations (such as road closures, vehicle damaged in a road accident, illness of driver / customers). We will not change the vehicle type booked unless absolutely necessary, and where possible we will inform you in advance by email or SMS.

Child / baby seats:
We are able to provide universal baby / child seats at no extra charge. Our universal seats are suitable from 6 months to 12 years (9kg to 36kg), there are several removable pieces to allow the seat to be configured to suit each age group. Unfortunately only the first reserved seat is guaranteed, any additional seats are on a "request only" basis. Whilst we always try our utmost to provide all reserved seats on the booking, each vehicle is assigned one seat only and additional seats are shared out between our vehicles. We are only able to guarantee the first reserved baby / child seat for several reasons; last minute operational changes caused by flight delays out of our control, luggage space / seat requirements of the vehicle or previous customers, high season demand for baby / child seats, the previous customer may have damaged / soiled the seat etc. We are not able to provide group 0 seats (0 to 6 months), customers are welcome to bring their own. Drivers do not take responsibility to arrange the universal seat into the required configuration, it is the customer's responsibility to configure the provided seat to their child's age group.

If the vehicle is at full passenger capacity, each passenger is permitted to bring one regular sized suitcase and one small cabin bag into the vehicle, there is adequate space in each of our vehicle types for these two items per passenger (if the vehicle is under occupied then the luggage per passenger can be increased up to the maximum load). If the vehicle is at full passenger capacity and each passenger was to bring one XL suitcase plus one hard-shelled cabin case, there will not be adequate luggage space and an additional vehicle may be required for the luggage which the customer will be liable to pay for. This also applies to oversize luggage, prams, wheelchairs, sports equipment and mobility scooters as the vehicle’s overall luggage capacity is reduced by these items. We are happy to accommodate these larger items at no extra cost to the customer, providing that the customers’ luggage and suitcases allow room for the extra items in the vehicle, additional vehicles required to transport the oversize luggage / prams / wheelchairs / sports equipment / mobility scooters will be charged to the customer, larger vehicles should be booked in advance to avoid any disruption and unexpected costs.
The driver will not be held responsible for any damage to luggage, wheelchairs, prams, sports equipment, or mobility scooters. The customer must ensure that they inspect their luggage before it goes on to the vehicle, accompany the driver to the luggage storage compartment, that they watch the driver load the luggage, and that they are happy with how the driver stores the luggage.
It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all items are taken from the vehicle at the end of the transfer. If any items are found in our vehicles, they will be returned to our office and kept for safekeeping until we can ascertain who mislaid them, we will then contact the customer and arrange for the items to be returned to them, additional charges may be incurred for the return of the lost items to the customer. If we are contacted by a customer that has mislaid an item, we will search the vehicle used and if the item is found we will endeavour to return it at the earliest opportunity e.g. when a vehicle is again visiting the vicinity or on the departure transfer (if a return is booked). If the customer wishes the item to be returned at a specific time and date then a delivery fee will be charged, the fee amount will depend on the location of the delivery point.
We are happy to accommodate domesticated pets in our vehicles as long as they are in their transportation cages / carriers.

CCTV / security systems.
Our vehicle fleet is monitored by a live GPS tracking system, this system enables us to assist the drivers with their pick-up / drop-off locations, speed monitoring, pick-up and drop-off time records, and assists our general logistical operation. Our vehicles are also fitted with dash and rear view cameras, and CCTV inside the vehicles. The use of cameras both externally and internally is to protect both our drivers' and passengers' safety. Our camera systems do not have the facility to capture or record any audio.

Cold water is offered as standard in all our vehicles. Soft drink cans may be available to purchase from the driver, but due to COVID19 restrictions it is at the individual driver’s discretion and is not advertised on our website or on our social media channels. We are unable to provide alcohol due to licensing restrictions, customers are welcome to bring their own drinks and are free to consume them in our vehicles.

Soiling / damage to our vehicles:
A ‘soiling’ charge is payable by those customers who heavily soil / dirty or damage one of our vehicles to the extent that it has to be taken out of service or will have to be cleaned or repaired at a cost e.g. vomit, faeces, heavy food / drink spillages. Customers should comply with any reasonable request by the driver or by our team to pay a soiling charge. Smoking is not permitted. Our drivers can stop at the next available safe stopping point / toilet facilities at any time during the journey.

Physical / verbal attacks on our drivers and staff.
Any attacks on our staff members, either verbal or physical will not be tolerated. Our drivers have the right to terminate the transfer if they are being threatened verbally or physically by the passengers. The driver is entitled to drop off the passengers at the closest safest stopping point on the road. In these circumstances we are not obliged to provide alternative transport or advise the customer how to arrange alternative transport. If the arrival transfer is terminated on the basis of abuse on our staff, the return / departure transfer will be automatically cancelled and the customer will be advised in writing via email as to the reasons why.

Late pick-up:
Our pick-up times (travelling back to the airport from resort) are given at the time of booking, these pick-up times can vary +/- 15 minutes, customers must be ready to leave 15 minutes before their scheduled pick-up time, but must also be prepared to wait 15 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time. If our vehicle does not arrive up to 15 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time the customer must contact us to check where the vehicle is. In the unlikely event that we are late for the pick-up we advise the customer by phone as soon as we are aware of the delay and we will endeavour to resolve the situation as fast as possible. Delays to our schedule can be caused by several factors out of our hands such as vehicle breakdown, road closures / roadblocks, flight delays, emergency situations (such as road traffic accidents, sudden illness of driver / previous customers, forest fires, earthquakes, extreme weather), in the event of us being unable to collect the customer on time and there is a chance of them missing the flight, we will assist to arrange alternative emergency transport through ourselves or via another company and any additional costs will be waived if the delay is attributed to our company.